Monday, 25 June 2012

Our first week into the ZAEP-B project we needed to cut a road to access our building site.  Here is the entrance.  I will load more photos on Picasa soon.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Welcome! You have landed on the Zombie Apocalypse Escape Plan B blog!
This is to inform those who want to know how truly crazy we are.  You may have followed us from our sailing website, which will no longer be updated.  This will be the window into our creation of the secret zombie escape plan.  One favor I do ask from everyone, please leave comments. In the last site, I kept hearing from all sort of folks that said they read the blog,   Well.... we had no idea who is out there reading if you don't post comments. So please post,post anything! Even just a emote if you want.

We plan on posting pictures, plans, and maybe a movie or two. but for right now, standby as we get the hang of this new blogging site. Bookmark it or subscribe below, and check back often.

Todd and Virg