Saturday, 28 September 2013

End of September Update.

Well... we have had a week of rain. Whoopy! *Sarcasm*  But up until Saturday, we were able to bang away on the ZAEPB structure.  we've built a "skirt roof" that ties our two steep peaks together.  We have also had rain gutters installed. and have done a little more siding.  Take a look.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back with Updates.

Greetings All.  Yes yes yes... I know, It has been another 5 weeks since last update.  We have had a fantastic summer.  Virginia and I have been hanging out and working on the building. Oh, we have also been moving dirt, and sneaking in a little fishing. Other than that, we've been working on our siding and trim work.  Now, I have to tell you that the product we chose (Hardy Shingle) is cool..... If...... #1 you are  having it professionally installed.  #2 Installing on the ground floor. and #3 You have No roof gables.  If you are planning on this product for your house,  Email me, I have a long list of Do's and Dont's. Not to mention that I'll send you the custom tools we built to actually work with this stuff.  Oh, except I have to keep my "non-osha" approved Man-lift to work on the second story. Enough of my bla bla bla... Just check out the photos: