Monday, 21 January 2013

And Now.... Bitch'n-Kitchen

 This is the state I have left our place in.  You see here is out very roughed out kitchen plans. Over the next few weeks, Virg and I, will have to figure out what we can fit in this space.

Lots of Wiring

My Bitch'n Fan!

Well... It can be said that my spacial awareness can lack some judgement... Yes, I know this fan is too big for the space!  But I like it dammit! Reminds me  of some old Bi-plane Propeller. and yes, I welcome comments.

Insulation Installation Hell!

       Insulation Installation Hell! I will let the pictures tell the story. just think Dusty, Itchy, painstakingly cut, hand placed pieces of insulation. and THEN cover it all in custom cut 6mm plastic. Including EACH OF THE OUTLETS and SWITCH BOXES.  But, we prevailed and the upstairs has been insulated.

Safety concerns!

The previous picture of the fire place, was simply an example of what not to do. according to Strict Canadian requirements for fireplaces, the previous picture breaks a number of very serious rules.  :-)  Here is preparation of the sub-floor to accept tile. You will also note the four inch hole in the floor. That is ducting that feeds the fireplace outside air.  In the next couple of posts you will see why it is needed.


Feel the Heat!

Hot Water!

Within a few days of working back on the project. I was time to get the water system up and running. The Well pump was plumbed with a float switch in the 500 gallon Storage tank.

Trying to utilize the 10 foot garage ceilings. I decided to build a platform to house the pressure regulator tank above the Hot-water heater.

Now for the first time in our lives, we will have our own Washer and drier. A luxury that we are both excited about. we plumbed in this cool hot/cold water and integrated drain pipe. pretty cool unit.

Here, is the utility bathroom on the garage level.  I have to tell ya, after a number of weeks of having to use a bucket for.... well, you know.  having a flushing toilet is a truly remarkable advancement in technology!

Shower Time!

Once again, it is the small luxuries that really make you smile some days. And having a Hot shower is one of those prized moments in life not to every betaken for granted. With that said, this is not my ultimate, dream home shower. But, we have chosen a few little things to make it high on the useability list.  One (of my many pet-peeves) are shower heads that are too low.  What good is a shower if it squirts you in the chest and you have to do yoga to rinse the soap out of your hair?  Sucks I tell ya. well... not here.  We located the shower head 7 feet up!  Ha!  couple that with high water pressure, we have a shower that can drown you if your not careful :-)

Now, due to the fact that we may rent or resell this place, lots of people tell us that you "have" to have a tub. So, we listened;  and installed a one piece unit that will not leak. I was concerned that the tub may have been too small, put as you can see, it's big enough for me, even with work boots on!

Now, we need to remove the hot steamy air.... ok, ok.  insert snickers and jokes.  We installed the "Super-Slient-Sucker-seven-thousand"

18 Days ago.

Greetings everyone, Sorry for the extended delay in a new post. I have been up, on island the past 18 days.  I'll post a number of updates. Upon my arrival, my neighbors "Team Hunter" had surprised me with the construction of our entry way stairs.   I will add the railings after we have moved in appliances and finished flooring and drywall.

While I had been back at the boat in Olympia during the Holidays, The island received a lot more rain, as such our drive on to property became even more saturated.  Over a few days of driving on the mud, I had decided that we needed to do some emergency drainage. Seen here is a ditch I dug (Using BigYellow)  Under the drive we ran 4" pipe to drain away the collect water. I had to bring in 6 truck loads of Shale to build up the drive. you'll see in the picture the rough rock in the dirt. It will compact and break down as we drive on it, and will create an excellent base for the driveway in the spring.