Sunday, 28 July 2013


Starting the siding

Kitchen Assembly.

Everyone Knows.... Ikea fun.

Ikea: &*%^*$(&*

Where do I start....  Well, Virg and I decided to buy, build and install a Ikea Kitchen. for a number of reasons, we Ikea's product for cost,availability, and cool hardware.  There are no Ikea's on Vancouver Island, so the long day begins. Starts with Virg and I getting the first Ferry off Thetis and a very rapid drive North to the catch the Large Ferry to take us to Vancouver, on the mainland.  Two hours later we drive off the boat. Now for us to return to Thetis Island Before the last Ferry to our small island, we have to catch the 530pm boat leaving the mainland. Yep, a few logistics to manage, but doable.  I wont bore you with the Ikea nightmare, Oh, I mean Experience, as I am sure you all of your own stories. But after 5 hours we have over 120 packages, weighing almost 1800 pounds. paid for and loaded in the truck for out return trip.

Truck loaded:

Boxes hand carried upstairs and sorted.

Big Room Mud and Paint.

 Skate'n & Tape'n.   Beginning the long, annoying Drywall taping and multiple coats of mud. process.
 Due to the heavy Sanding dust and debris we will skip to the Painting photos.
Big room, pre-kitchen.

More Bedroom updates.

 Flooring complete. Trim installed. and Back up Electric Floor Heater.
Closet Door installed.

Late July Update.

Hello All!   Once again, I will have to apologize for not having updated this Blog. A few circumstances have kept me from my Blogging Duty. Firstly. My email got hacked (Oh, and if you received a strange email from me, sorry 'bout that), Secondly, Virg and I have been busy working on the project, and Thirdly, ITS SUMMER HERE and we've had to take more than a few days to Fish and play. Here are some photos of our progress on the build.
Bedroom Progress: Last Coat of Mud.
 Bedroom Progress: Wall and Ceiling Paint, Pre-Flooring padding.
 Bedroom Progress: Flooring.