Thursday, 19 July 2012

Here's a short clip of one of the "Old Fellas" falling.  I am of conflicted feelings on this clearing of  beautiful and majestic old growth, but we need to clear a safety area around the building. We do have at least a dozen more monsters on site. I will try to photo them one day,  we still haven't found all of them!

BoB doing what BoB does best.

 Greetings from the field. As seen here we are hacking, pushing, and Chopping away at the growth. The forest here is truly amazing! There is just SO much of it. We are doing what we can with the machinery we have at the moment; as next week we are expecting "Big Yellow" to arrive and begin the truly gratifying work.  Its 0600, and I am off to the site again. Have a great day everyone.
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