Thursday, 6 June 2013

Many Hand's...............

Back in Late March, early April, I was up working on cleaning up some of the cut down growth. I had to burn a bunch of stuff before our Island's Volunteer Fire Department issues a ban on open fires for the summer. So, I bribed some of the local 20-something's kids to help out. Cost me some beer, oysters on the open fire, and a bottle of Honey Jack. :-)  Got to love island life.

These are pre-Fire pictures. 

Oh, Where has the Time Gone?

Greetings All.  Where in the World has Todd and Virg disappeared too this time?  Well, we have been hibernating during the last few months.  The Winter in Washington has been Cold, Wet, and ,to be honest" a little depressing. Virg has been working here in Olympia. and I have been helping a friend in Alameda.  Now we are all set to get back to the ZAEP-B project.   We'll be heading "up island" in a week to bust out a new Kitchen, get our siding installed, and of course have some fun!  The last trip up, I had done some work on the master bath.  here are some pictures: