Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LumberJack time

Wood Shed Progress.

I've been away from the "Island" for a few weeks. But returned to complete the wood shed.  And thankfully, the Pacific Northwest Weather has been perfect!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Kindling Storage.   One Item I wanted to build into the Wood shed was a separate storage for Kindling.  As seen here, I built a box, accessible from the back of the shed.  This location was so you could have easy access anytime, while allowing a completely full shed.

You fill the box, and as you use material, you remove the "slats to access the lower kindling as winter progresses.

When I head back up next week, I'll update with the completed project, including the metal roof!

A Wood Shed in the nick of time!

I looked at the calender a few weeks ago and freaked out. September was here, and I had no where to store the winter's wood. It was time to build "Out-Building #3" Project Shed-it!

As you've seen in the previous post, We laid out and poured footings for the building.  Here, we've build up the grade, built a "yard tie" border, and back filled the floor with "Road Crush" gravel.  I had decided that a raised floor shed might be a little over the top and would increase the expense of the project, so we went with gravel.  I think it should be fine.  we will see.

4x6 nominal, pressure treated posts. 2x12' sandwiched beams. 2x6 rafters.

Squarded up bulding, beginning the OSB sub roofing.

I had Help.  Virg and my neighbor Super-T.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Beginnings

Foundation for new beginnings.

Shhhhhh! Top Secret!

Shhhh!  the new Area 52 or is it 53? I forget.  Don't tell anyone, and don't post it on the internet..Oh yeah... oops.    Anyways, here are the exclusive inside photos of the new Top Secret staging area.  What could be going on in there?  Stay tuned for exclusive details to be released in days!

Poof, Gone.

A few dusty days of distributing dirt. and Poof, Drain - Gone.

Phil's FIll!

Uncle Phil stopped by with a couple loads of Phil's Fine Fill, to Finally Finish the Fantastic Futuristic Flowing Forrow.

Oh, yeah,  I don't really have an Uncle Phil. 


That's how Dinosaurs say "I love you". 

OK, maybe I've been spending too much time in the woods!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Drain Construction.

Go Pound Sand.

The next stage in the fun currently known as drain building is to line the trench, install the perforated piping and cover it with a aggregate that allow the water through.  SO.... Here is my $600.00 pile of Coarse, twice washed sand.

Rock On!

During the digging stage, at the end of each of the 100' trenches, I hit rock. the problem. the rock ridges impede the downhill grade needed for proper drainage.  SO..... what does one do on an Island... Ask your buddies.  The First and MOST popular idea was to BLOW IT UP!   WOO HOO!  I'm alway excited when Dynamite can be use to solve problems!  but alas, cooler heads prevailed and I was loaned a jack hammer. BORING>>>>>> but effective. After two days of chipping away at the hardened earth, we had a nice grade chipped in.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Tree Mayhem: Part 3

A few more pictures of the tree felling mayhem and the post carnage clean up.  Which I am STILL working on.....

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tree Mayhem Part Two.

With the "Bat Light" Shinning brightly into the city sky, summoning our Super Hero......Ok, I used my cell phone!   I  contact a local legend name Ian Shaw.  Ian has been working as a Arborist here in BC for Thirty Years.  He has the Gear, the Knowledge, and the Balls to climb and fell the biggest and baddest the Pacific Northwest can produce!   I took a couple weeks to get on Ian's Schedule, but he arrived, and started climbing.

And Yes, if you listened to the video with the sound on, you will hear me have a heart stopping moment when the tree top just "brushes" The carport and rain gutters. :-0

Overdue Update: Tree Mayhem!

If there is anyone out there that still looks to this blog for updates, I apologize.  I have been working on the the Zombie Apocalypse Escape Plan B. However, I just haven't been very diligent in taking photos and posting. So.... SORRY!  Now.... let us look at the fun I've been having. :-) The main project is to install over 200 feet of "French" Drain on the up hill side of the building and driveway.  However, like so many projects, the steps involved are a little complex... especially building in a full forest, on an island, in BC.  TO make this story flow, let us jump to the part where I needed to fell a bunch of trees in order to dig the drain.   for a few weeks I had made progress on my own, and with a little help from a friend for safety sake.
 Then it becomes very apparent that I have 5 HUGE Arbutus (Madrone) Trees that I am unable to fell in a normal "Cut at the Base" method. After a week, I was able to get my buddies who have a Forestry skidder. Which we were able to remove one of the offending trees.  But the last four are WAYYY to big and leaning towards the building.  It was time to call in the professionals.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Are you down with PPP? Yeah you know me.

Most folks reading the title will be lost, but that's ok, its a lyric from a 90s rap song. No worries, just trying bridge the generational gaps. So,PPP. Pre Paint Prep. Yep  just finishing up the garage to spray Three of the four walls. Soon to show the shelves I've built!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wildlife interlude.

Just getting ready to pant the garage. Boring photos. So you get the local wildlife.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mission Control: We have Moon rock.

Ok, now I'm comfortable in sharing a fault that I have. I've come to the conclusion that I have NO concept, understanding, or idea of interior design. Especially choosing colors. Now I do understand most marketing concepts and admire some of them. However, home paint companies and interiors designers must meet at a secret trade show (in Vegas of course) to come up with the excessive colors and names of said colors. I wanted a simple grey paint for the closet in the shop. Ooh no...... "sir, we don't have grey. Now why don't you go over to one of our computer controlled, multi-functional, light correcting paint tables and choose a color that most reflects your inner being. Oh, and sir, be sure to chose the appropriate hue, hardness, and finish." ........And now my closet is Moon rock.  Which looks a hell-of-alot like grey!  
Rant finished, time for a Sunday beer. Cheers.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Final Inspection: "Follow the Paper Trail"

Friday, the building inspector came to the site, for what I had hoped to be the visit where I could get the little yellow, officially stamped, piece of paper that is final approval of the construction phase. Those folks that know of the year I've experienced, will know that my luck is just not that good.  The experienced inspector had a good look around, made some useful suggestions,  and then took out his metal clad,armored notebook and proceeded to check off a long list of items. Until, "Do you have your Site Engineering report, schedule D subset c. Produced only on the Third Tuesday of a leap year?" I frantically start flipping, sorting, and rustling through my paperwork to make it appear that I knew what dialect of English he was speaking. The very last page of the two inch stack of "Official Paper" I discover Engineering Report Schedule D written in the blood of a baby Sasquatch! However, this is not the form needed. No, apparently, this engineering report will need to be transcribed on parchment from the Dead Sea Scrolls.....

Embellishment aside, all that is required for the "Final" is a form with the engineer who approved the building plans, signature. So.. A journey on the paper trail I go.

So instead of a picture of Me grinning, holding a magical piece of paper, you get the Morning picture of the ferry.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

You're A Knob! Ok, just a lever.

Can a door knob look fast? Oh yeah it can!

On the Grid

Inspection has been moved to Friday. Hasn't stop production. Still tons to do. We are on the grid now though.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hung......Doors that is.

Its been a beautiful day up here on island. As such I've been busy. Tomorrow the building inspectors will make a trip to the site to check on progress. I'm truly hoping to get a final sign off on the build. In order to door that, I've had to vapor proof the work shop area due to it being
Below the living space. Also the all metal doors are a requirement.  the door to the utility room even has cool self closing hinges. Most of the taping got done a well.  So tomorrow will hold much of the same.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Rock It!

Its been a few days, I've been working on some detailed insulation, and finishing up hanging the last bit of drywall in the work shop. Started taping today. And busy herring ready for the inspector to stop by on Wednesday.