Monday, 16 March 2015

Unconventional Closets

Unconventional Closets,  That is the best way to explain the storage situation of our carriage house.  .   As my Mom can confirm, I simply can not hang up my jackets! I am sure there is a medical condition term for that......   but my since I have this self-identified condition, I am building the closets to Todd's ADA accessible standards.  NO HANGERS. Only Hooks!

Kitchen 2.0

The time has come to transform the living space from "work-friendly" to actually having some style.  and to achieve that it was time to add the counter tops.  Of course, every job has its challenges;  Such as fitting the sink and squaring the counters to my "not so square" walls.    But a few days later, we're "cooking with style".

What to Do with Leftover Flooring: Part Two

Ok, so if you are an avid follower (chuckle), you will know that I have quite a bit of left over material from my flooring. And the questions a rises what to do with it.  There is not enough to sell for another floor job. And its too nice to use as firewood.  I figure you build shit with it!

I had been wait for n opportunity, inspiration and motivation to finish the from of the garage doors.  You may recall that they were covered with construction wrap and prayed with i painted the siding.  That look was.... well... effective, but trashy.  

Well, my astute reader, you should be jumping to the conclusion that yes, indeed. I did put flooring on the walls!  Go figure.

What to Do with Leftover Flooring: Part One

 What to do with the left over Douglas Fir flooring.... the wood is absolutely beautiful!

Well, you build a box of course!

 I was in need of a fire wood box for outside the front door.   A few measurements, Some hacking with power tools. Nailing with pneumatic tools.  And poof; I built a box. Just like when I was in middle school.  Neat huh.

Solutions sometimes come out of the asles of Building Stores

 So, I had been trying to figure out how to make the transition from tile work to the new fir flooring... The first idea was to use actual hardwood milled transition, but that would have left a ridge of wood to trip on or collect dirt.  I also had envisioned caulking the seam( like we do on boats) but caulk rarely comes in color other than black, white, or clear....

Then I found the stuff in the picture below.

It is a caulk that has the colored gout sand in it!  genius I tell you!

So there you go. Problem solved.