Monday, 28 October 2013

Computer Fried.

Well.... Its true, my laptop got fried.  They dont take too kindly to a hot cup of tea being poured over them.  so... until I recover my photos from the old drive, I will entertain you with concept Photos. :-}

Saturday, 28 September 2013

End of September Update.

Well... we have had a week of rain. Whoopy! *Sarcasm*  But up until Saturday, we were able to bang away on the ZAEPB structure.  we've built a "skirt roof" that ties our two steep peaks together.  We have also had rain gutters installed. and have done a little more siding.  Take a look.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back with Updates.

Greetings All.  Yes yes yes... I know, It has been another 5 weeks since last update.  We have had a fantastic summer.  Virginia and I have been hanging out and working on the building. Oh, we have also been moving dirt, and sneaking in a little fishing. Other than that, we've been working on our siding and trim work.  Now, I have to tell you that the product we chose (Hardy Shingle) is cool..... If...... #1 you are  having it professionally installed.  #2 Installing on the ground floor. and #3 You have No roof gables.  If you are planning on this product for your house,  Email me, I have a long list of Do's and Dont's. Not to mention that I'll send you the custom tools we built to actually work with this stuff.  Oh, except I have to keep my "non-osha" approved Man-lift to work on the second story. Enough of my bla bla bla... Just check out the photos:

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Starting the siding

Kitchen Assembly.

Everyone Knows.... Ikea fun.

Ikea: &*%^*$(&*

Where do I start....  Well, Virg and I decided to buy, build and install a Ikea Kitchen. for a number of reasons, we Ikea's product for cost,availability, and cool hardware.  There are no Ikea's on Vancouver Island, so the long day begins. Starts with Virg and I getting the first Ferry off Thetis and a very rapid drive North to the catch the Large Ferry to take us to Vancouver, on the mainland.  Two hours later we drive off the boat. Now for us to return to Thetis Island Before the last Ferry to our small island, we have to catch the 530pm boat leaving the mainland. Yep, a few logistics to manage, but doable.  I wont bore you with the Ikea nightmare, Oh, I mean Experience, as I am sure you all of your own stories. But after 5 hours we have over 120 packages, weighing almost 1800 pounds. paid for and loaded in the truck for out return trip.

Truck loaded:

Boxes hand carried upstairs and sorted.

Big Room Mud and Paint.

 Skate'n & Tape'n.   Beginning the long, annoying Drywall taping and multiple coats of mud. process.
 Due to the heavy Sanding dust and debris we will skip to the Painting photos.
Big room, pre-kitchen.

More Bedroom updates.

 Flooring complete. Trim installed. and Back up Electric Floor Heater.
Closet Door installed.

Late July Update.

Hello All!   Once again, I will have to apologize for not having updated this Blog. A few circumstances have kept me from my Blogging Duty. Firstly. My email got hacked (Oh, and if you received a strange email from me, sorry 'bout that), Secondly, Virg and I have been busy working on the project, and Thirdly, ITS SUMMER HERE and we've had to take more than a few days to Fish and play. Here are some photos of our progress on the build.
Bedroom Progress: Last Coat of Mud.
 Bedroom Progress: Wall and Ceiling Paint, Pre-Flooring padding.
 Bedroom Progress: Flooring.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Many Hand's...............

Back in Late March, early April, I was up working on cleaning up some of the cut down growth. I had to burn a bunch of stuff before our Island's Volunteer Fire Department issues a ban on open fires for the summer. So, I bribed some of the local 20-something's kids to help out. Cost me some beer, oysters on the open fire, and a bottle of Honey Jack. :-)  Got to love island life.

These are pre-Fire pictures. 

Oh, Where has the Time Gone?

Greetings All.  Where in the World has Todd and Virg disappeared too this time?  Well, we have been hibernating during the last few months.  The Winter in Washington has been Cold, Wet, and ,to be honest" a little depressing. Virg has been working here in Olympia. and I have been helping a friend in Alameda.  Now we are all set to get back to the ZAEP-B project.   We'll be heading "up island" in a week to bust out a new Kitchen, get our siding installed, and of course have some fun!  The last trip up, I had done some work on the master bath.  here are some pictures:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Winter on Thetus Island.

Thetus Island.  Where are you? Well....Wiki it. Really, its an awesome little island just East of Vancouver Island.  Here's a Video looking West.

1st video attempt.

Hopefully this will work.  My attempt at posting video, and it of a bathroom!  Exciting stuff I know.

Shhhh! Bedroom photos.

I have to tell you, after living on a boat for 14 years, having a small luxury like a queen-size bed is awesome. Also, its nice not having to camp in the back of my pickup truck.

Say! Is that a real Mexican woven blanket? Why yes it is! :-)

Safety First!

Remember: Safety is No Accident!


After much debate between Virg and Myself... Virg won. and now we have bright colored tile in the bathroom. In fact its so bright it glows at night.  Just kidding. It looks fine.  Oh, and we are sooo "Green", The tile is made from 100% recycled materials.  :-)   
 Before grout:



Upon arrival to our place this last trip up, the building inspector left us a little note saying we are approved to start closing in the building. Which means all the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and framing met all the code requirements! Woo Hoo.  Now Todd gets to bust his ass hanging Dry-wall.  Many pictures to follow: