Sunday, 10 March 2013

Winter on Thetus Island.

Thetus Island.  Where are you? Well....Wiki it. Really, its an awesome little island just East of Vancouver Island.  Here's a Video looking West.

1st video attempt.

Hopefully this will work.  My attempt at posting video, and it of a bathroom!  Exciting stuff I know.

Shhhh! Bedroom photos.

I have to tell you, after living on a boat for 14 years, having a small luxury like a queen-size bed is awesome. Also, its nice not having to camp in the back of my pickup truck.

Say! Is that a real Mexican woven blanket? Why yes it is! :-)

Safety First!

Remember: Safety is No Accident!


After much debate between Virg and Myself... Virg won. and now we have bright colored tile in the bathroom. In fact its so bright it glows at night.  Just kidding. It looks fine.  Oh, and we are sooo "Green", The tile is made from 100% recycled materials.  :-)   
 Before grout:



Upon arrival to our place this last trip up, the building inspector left us a little note saying we are approved to start closing in the building. Which means all the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and framing met all the code requirements! Woo Hoo.  Now Todd gets to bust his ass hanging Dry-wall.  Many pictures to follow:

How Time Flies; or How Todd forgets to post on the blog.

Ok, Ok, Ok.... I know. I have been absolutely terrible in posting regular updates. I guess its the same reason I never kept a journal or captain's log.  Anywho.... Here are a bunch of pictures and updates from the last trip up island.

Here is the tiling for our fireplace. According to Canadian Code, we have to have this fire barrier in place.  Which makes sense.